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Meet Jordan, Award-winning custom gown designer and owner of Zuri® Bridal.

From concept to execution, she strives to make each Zuri® bride feel confident, comfortable, and unforgettable on her most special day.

Her work has been globally recognized in publications such as Vogue UK, Vogue China, Apparel Magazine, MNE Magazine, SCAN Magazine, and Micro Macro Magazine. Recent features include RAGTRADE Atlanta and Live in ATL.

Tailored specifically to your unique needs and desires, from consultation to final fitting.

Zuri Bridal’s commitment to making brides’ satisfied is unrivaled. The wedding gown shopping experience doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety and frustrations. We help each bride find their dream gown, interpreting their vision through custom designs. Each and every bride experiences our luxurious treatment, from initial consultation to final dress fittings.  Your experience at Zuri Bridal, along with your dress, is tailored specifically to your unique needs and desires.

Everything in our showroom has been selectively chosen to help you feel special during your entire wedding gown process. We offer a unique approach to this once-in-a-lifetime experience in our design house and showroom. When you are a Zuri bride, you will feel glamourous, timeless, and radiant.

At Zuri Bridal, you always experience a Private Appointment


"American designer Jordan Ewing presented ZURI bridal with a fantastic wedding dress series. The classic and elegant silhouette of the classical style is a tribute to the grandparents' era. Exquisite straps and intricate beading add to the advanced fabrics of chiffon, satin, crepe and organza".